Monday, June 06, 2005

1st Sock

My 1st sock

1st Socks!

The 1st pair together, comfy and cozy.

This pattern is from the Creative Knitting Magazine (March 2005), it is called Curvy Lace. This was a very enjoyable pattern, and a quick knit! Gotta love socks!!!

My 1st Felting Project

FMB Pre-Felted

My 1st French Market Bag ~ pre-felted

FMB Post Felted

My 1st French Market Bag ~ post-felting

Felted Close up

My 1st French Market Bag ~ felted detail

This project was incredibly fun, fast, and addicting...just gotta get some more wool!

Clapotis Est Finis!

Clapotis Est Finis!

My Clapotis has been done for quite a was a lovely knit, I would really like to work another one in if I have the chance/yarn :)